1 thought on “How does Christian mercy respond to the incarceration of the children of illegal immigrants?”

  1. This is an opening comment on a divisive issue facing American society; an issue that shapes the social conversation and is shaped by our current social context.

    The question of mercy is not a question at all, rather it is a requirement imposed by our heavenly Father and a test of real salvation. Does mercy, in this case, become a case study? How do we separate out the competing complex arguments of sovereign borders vs those fleeing to safety on behalf of their families? What about the stability of our own social context being upended by radical influxes of other cultures vs the real need for the safe expression of these cultures inside of a country which claims its role as the ardent defender of culture? And there are many other real and competing narratives that speak into these broad problems.

    But, here we want to explore the question of Christian responsibility toward the small and voiceless humans caught between these massive movements of systems, ideologies and competing concerns. It is a question of Mercy and its application.

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