New Community Rising Leadership

Reverend Brian & DeAnne DiGuiseppe

Reverend Brian DiGuiseppe

Bishop of New Community Rising Churches

Elder of New Community Rising Orange County & San Diego Regions

Director of The Urban Ministry Institute of Orange County


DeAnne DiGuiseppe

Director of Women's Ministries & Domestic Violence Prevention, Training and Advocacy Ministries

Pastor Dr. Robert Lay

Pastor Dr. Robert Lay

Elder of New Community Rising Churches' Central and Northern Los Angeles Region

Dean of The Urban Ministry Institute of Los Angeles

Deaconess Dr. Ligia Hallstrom

Deaconess Ligia Hallstrom

Director of Spanish Ministries & Santa Ana Urban Outreach Programs

Deacon Brian & Deaconess Kathy Kern

Deacon Brian Kern

Director of Outreach Missions

Mentor of The Urban Ministry Institute of Orange County -

Men's Central Jail


Deaconess Kathy Kern

Director of New Community Rising Churches Hospitality & Women's Ministries Leader


NCR- Our Battle Cry

New Community Rising Churches, a member of the Christ the Victor church plant movement, live the victory of Jesus, seek the advance of his kingdom in the city, and stand on the ancient Christian faith.
NCR lives the spectacular story of the victory of God’s kingdom through Jesus Christ.
The story of the Bible is the victory of God’s kingdom through Jesus Christ.
The eternal God of our Lord is the creator and ruler of all things. In pride, Satan rebelled against the Lord’s reign and ignited a cosmic war. Human beings, created in God’s own image, joined the rebellion by obeying Satan, the ancient serpent. God’s world was plunged into darkness and subjected to sin and death.
Yet, in his infinite mercy, the Lord promised to send a Savior to crush evil and redeem his creation. God sent his own Son, Jesus, down from heaven to invade the dark realm of Satan. Through Christ’s life, death, resurrection, and ascension, the devil is defeated.
When Jesus sat down at the right hand of the Father, he sent his Holy Spirit to empower us, the church, as we declare his victory in all the earth, and call everyone everywhere to flee the oppressive reign of the devil and to enter the blessed kingdom of his Son.
Very soon, the Lord will completely conquer Satan and all demonic activity, and destroy sin and death, and he will establish his eternal kingdom. As followers of Christ, we are privileged to faithfully represent Christ as the Victor and coming King who destroys the works of the devil. The fight is on!’
New Community Rising seeks a movement of churches that aggressively pursues the advance of God’s kingdom by the power of the Holy Spirit.
By the will and power of the Lord, New Community Rising will be an unstoppable partner of the global movement of CTV churches, which declare and demonstrate the victory of the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. We will experience warm fellowship and shared spirituality in vibrant churches of common identity and practice that confess and embody the richness and depth of the ancient Christian faith. We will empower the least in the world’s eyes to be great in the kingdom of God. We will prayerfully and aggressively seek the advance of God’s kingdom, stopping at nothing to win the hardest, darkest and poorest places in our cities for Christ.
NCR stands on the ancient Christian faith as it is believed and practices everywhere, always, by all.
  • A shared spirituality centered on Christ and celebrated through the church year
  • A historical theology anchored in Scripture and summarized by the Nicene Creed
  • A focused mission committed to reproduction that results in indigenous church planting movements

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Our churches are rooted in the Creeds and Apostolic Traditions

New Community Rising Churches are grounded in the faith that has bound the Church of Jesus Christ together from its birth on the day of Pentecost. From the earliest ages of the Church, her body has found its footing and surety in what has been understood and practice every, always and by all. These common and simple forms of faith and practice were defended and come to us from the Apostles and Early Church Fathers. We distinctly recognize the Nicene Creed as the guiding principle for our statement of faith and the lens through which we are guided by the Holy Spirit to understand his Word.